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                    Coronado's first operation dedicated entirely to Stand Up Paddle (SUP) ocean surfing and flat water guided tours, lessons and rentals. 


Paddling on a glassy day off Coronado's beach is the ideal setting for learning how to read sets and catch waves- even if it's your first time. Or, for a more mellow experience, try taking a bay tour along downtown San Diego's immaculate skyline, around ancient sail boats, and under the Coronado Bay Bridge.


Thanks to Emerald City Surf Shop, we're stacked with top of the line boards & paddles; brands like C-4, Rusty, PSH, Boardworks, Sup Love, NSP, QuickBlade, and Kialoa. We'll determine the best board for your body type and experience level, and suit you with a paddle to match. 


Welcome aboard!


We now offer large group lessons and tours as well as corporate events, and paddleboard brewery tours