Inflatable boards, paddles and luggage provided. 

We also completely plan your trip, provide transport to/from the airport and around the clock guides. All tours are planned specifically based on your interests, budget, and time.



Florida Manatees

Paddle around crystal clear spring fed waters, home to hundreds of manatees waiting to be played with. You can even swim down and take a sip of water directly from the spring! Wetsuits are included as the water is a chilly 70 degrees year round, and families with children are welcome.













Explore Turkey's coast, along the Agean Sea, with water so beautiful it's the origin of the word "turquoise." Time to explore, including day trips to Ephesus and Pummakale, scuba diving plane wrecks, or enjoying Turkish Baths and Kebabs. 




Traveling the canals of Amsterdam on a paddleboard will give you a new appreciation for the wonders of the city. Necessary for a fresh approach on an ancient destination.





Alternate tour locations available. Prices may vary.